Revolutionizing the way enterprises manage visitor Feedback

We understand the importance of feedback in refining our services, and our innovative system simplifies the process. Visitors can effortlessly share their experiences, by just scanning the QR code conveniently provided at every location in your premises. This streamlined approach ensures that their feedback is promptly collected and securely stored in our feedback management system.

Real-time insights derived from visitors input empower us to take immediate actions, addressing concerns promptly and amplifying positive experiences. Committed to continual improvement, we leverage your feedback to shape a customer-centric environment.

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Identify location-specific areas of improvement

Analyze and pinpoint unique opportunities for enhancement at each location to customize strategies that boost overall performance and visitor satisfaction. By identifying location-specific areas for refinement, we ensure a targeted and effective approach to consistently elevate service quality across our network.

Connect with visitors at the optimal moment

Engage with your visitors precisely when it matters most, creating opportunities to receive valuable feedback. This approach allows us to enhance visitor engagement and satisfaction by being present and responsive when they need it, while also valuing their feedback to continuously improve our services.

Collect valuable insights from visitor feedback

Gather meaningful insights by systematically collecting and analyzing visitor feedback. By capturing and leveraging insightful feedback, we continuously refine our services to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our clientele.

LazyMonkey features

What makes us Unique?

Our intelligent tagging system has been designed with the primary goal of simplifying the generation and analysis of feedback. The LazyMonkey strategically assigns relevant tags to different elements within the feedback, categorizing them based on specific criteria or themes. This system employs strategic tagging to categorize and organize information, facilitating a more efficient and streamlined process for both generating feedback and analyzing the collected data.

The purpose behind this intelligent tagging system is to enhance the overall effectiveness and ease of managing feedback, as tagged data allows for easy retrieval, sorting, and identification of patterns or trends, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of the feedback landscape.

Elevate Your Experience with Actionable Feedback

Your visitors have a voice, and our Feedback system ensures you not only hear it but transform it into actionable strategies. Embrace a user-friendly platform where feedback is not just gathered but becomes a catalyst for positive change and improvement.

Feedback Gathering

Capture comprehensive insights from your visitors, covering various aspects of their experience.

Real-Time Feedback Processing

Enable real-time processing of feedback, allowing for immediate response and improvements.

Benchmarking and Comparison

Evaluate your performance by benchmarking feedback against industry standards and competitors

daily feedback report on phone

Customizable Feedback Forms

Tailor feedback forms to match your specific needs, ensuring you gather relevant and targeted information.

Actionable Reporting

Access detailed and actionable reports that translate feedback into clear strategies and improvement plans.

Visitor Journey Mapping

Visualize the visitor journey through feedback data, identifying pain points and opportunities for enhancement.

Scan QR, Share Thoughts: Effortless Feedback with QR Code Convenience

Embark on a hassle-free feedback journey of your visitors by our strategically placed QR codes. Seamlessly connect visitors to feedback forms, simplifying the user experience and elevating engagement through this modern and efficient approach. Your thoughts matter—unlock the ease of sharing with our QR Code convenience.

Generate with Ease

Our user-friendly platform allows you to swiftly generate bulk QR codes for individual locations, eliminating complexity and streamlining the process

Seamless Integration

Integration of QR code seamlessly into your premises. Whether it's storefronts, reception, or service points, our solution adapts to diverse environments, ensuring a unified experience.

Real-time Insights, Real-time Action:

Access real-time feedback insights through an intuitive dashboard. Stay informed, identify trends, and respond promptly to visitor needs for an agile and customer-centric approach.

Security First

Rest assured knowing that your data is secure. Our system prioritizes the privacy and security of your information, complying with the highest industry standards.

Configure each Location

Unlock the potential of every corner of your premises on the basis of location and service tags. Leverage location-specific feedback to enhance services, improve visitor satisfaction, and optimize operations.

LazyMonkey Demo QR Code

QR Samples

LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital
LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
DLF Emporio
LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
Pushpanjali Hospital
LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
DLF Promenade
LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
Noida Indoor Stadium
LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
NKS Hospital
LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
Ramanuuj Hospital
LazyMonkey Demo QR Code
RS Grover Hospital

A Journey from Assistance to Expertise with Timely Transitions

Our Escalation Matrix ensures a swift journey from initial support to specialized assistance, guaranteeing that your issues are handled with precision and expertise with set time limits for each transition. Each level brings a heightened degree of specialized assistance, ensuring effective solutions tailored to your unique needs. Contribute to our commitment to continuous improvement through the feedback loop after resolution.

Structured Support Levels

Our Escalation Matrix establishes clear and defined support levels, ensuring a systematic and efficient journey from initial assistance to specialized resolution.

Swift Transitions

Experience a rapid transition through each support level, with set time limits for seamless escalation. This guarantees timely and precise handling of your concerns.

Specialized Expertise

At each escalation level, benefit from an elevated degree of specialized assistance. Our support teams are equipped with the expertise needed to address your unique challenges effectively.

Escalation Matrix

Get instant SMS/reminder notifications

Receive immediate SMS and reminders for valuable feedback. Stay informed in real-time and take swift action to enhance your services and visitor satisfaction

Tailored Solutions

Your issues are not just addressed; they are met with solutions customized to your specific needs. Our Escalation Matrix ensures that every level of support provides targeted and effective resolutions.

Efficient Issue Resolution

Benefit from a streamlined process that prioritizes efficient issue resolution. The Escalation Matrix is designed to minimize downtime and ensure a swift and satisfactory resolution to your challenges.


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