Patient Perspective Improves Healthcare for All

We believe the patient voice holds the key to unlocking better, more compassionate care. Our system makes it easy for healthcare organizations to continuously gather patient input across all touchpoints - from admission to discharge.

Healthcare feedback management system
Transforming Healthcare with Patient Feedback

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In one seamless QR-based system that integrates easily with existing healthcare IT infrastructure, organizations close the loop between gathering feedback, responding to identified areas needing change, and tracking quality improvement efforts over time. This is the future of patient and staff engagement - and we're here to lead healthcare providers into that future.

Real-Time Patient Feedback

Enhanced Patient Engagement

Discharge Feedback For Quality Improvement

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Patient-Centric Care

Quality Accreditation

Enhance Patient Satisfaction Through Our Feedback Solutions

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Our streamlined setup allows for the efficient collection of patient perspectives on various aspects of care, encompassing overall satisfaction, wait times, staff friendliness, facility environment, and billing processes. Furthermore, real-time data analytics provide an immediate spotlight on current areas that may require prompt improvement, enabling healthcare providers to address concerns swiftly and enhance the overall patient experience.

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Measurement and Analysis of Patient Satisfaction

To achieve optimal patient satisfaction, it is essential to implement a robust system for measuring satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Process Enhancement through Feedback Analytics

By implementing data-driven insights, healthcare providers can make informed decisions to enhance patient satisfaction and overall experience.

Preventing Patient Churn through Enhanced Experiences

Patient churn, or the loss of patients to other healthcare providers, can be mitigated through a proactive approach to improving overall patient experience.

Diversified QR Codes for Comprehensive Feedback

Creating QR codes for Satisfaction, Care Experience, Facility Details, Billing, and other relevant categories ensures a thorough assessment of the entire patient journey.

Elevating Quality Standards for NABH Accreditation Success

Streamlining NABH Accreditation Through Automated Discharge Survey

Unlocking Quality Excellence Through Comprehensive Surveys

We understand that NABH accreditation is not just a certification; it's a commitment to delivering healthcare services of the highest quality. Our full-service platform is tailored to streamline the NABH Accreditation Surveys, ensuring hospitals meet and exceed the stringent quality benchmarks set by India's National Accreditation Board for Healthcare (NABH).

Our Approach - Post-Discharge In-Patient Surveys

Our healthcare feedback platform offers a dedicated module specially designed to help hospitals gather mandatory patient discharge data needed for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH) audits and re-certifications.

Why it Matters?

NABH Accreditation Surveys are essential for hospitals striving for continuous improvement. They evaluate the implementation of processes that enhance the quality of treatment and services, setting the standard for excellence in healthcare delivery.

Automated discharge survey for patients
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Empowering Feedback: Effortless Discharge Surveys for Improved Post-Care Insights

Automated healthcare survey for post-care insights

Creating Customized Discharge Forms

Administrators can easily build discharge questionnaire forms containing any data fields and questions required

Discharge Form Delivery

Patients or attendees simply tap the link to launch discharge forms, where they can conveniently fill in details such as patient ID and contact information.

Centralized Data Analytics & Reporting

With data filtering, hospitals can analyze feedback from key patient groups, driving targeted improvements and ensuring a patient-centric focus.

Optimizing Hospital-Based Research Through Participant Survey

Clinical research

For hospitals managing an array of clinical trials from enrolled participants is pivotal yet logistically challenging. Traditional paper surveys face roadblocks in distribution and collection while pulling nurses away from vital care duties for administration.

Our system offers clinical research participant survey, a functionality purposely built for hospital environments. By simply clicking on a specialized URL provided across key milestones, subjects can launch customized survey questionnaires specific to their medical trial. The platform handles custom questionnaire creation, response collection and data integration with hospital research databases and analytics systems.

Participant Survey for hospital clinical research

The Vital Role of Clinical research Survey management in Hospitals

A robust system is indispensable for hospitals conducting clinical research. It contributes to the improvement of research processes, enhances participant engagement, ensures data accuracy, and supports the overall ethical and quality standards of clinical research in healthcare settings.

Customizable Questionnaire Sets

Customize questions based on the unique requirements of your study, ensuring that you capture the precise data needed for insightful analysis.

Convenient Survey Access

With our system, participants can easily access the surveys by clicking on a provided link. This straightforward approach eliminates any unnecessary steps and ensures that participants can contribute to your research with a single, user-friendly click.

Secure Data Recording

Rest easy knowing that the data collected during clinical research surveys is securely recorded in our system.

Real-time Analytics

By analyzing data in real-time, healthcare professionals can quickly identify patterns, assess the effectiveness of clinical interventions, and make timely adjustments to improve patient care and overall clinical outcomes.


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