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An all-in-one platform for you to manage a seamless visitor feedback experience, from start to end

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Feedback Management System Solution

Streamline the feedback system of your organization

Whether you are operating in retail, finance, healthcare or the public sector, our QR Code based Feedback & Grievance Management System creates opportunities for improved your services at each step

Journey Management

Streamline the journey with our feedback management system to improve visitor experience

LazyMonkey work journey

For Customer

For Management


Stay ahead, build loyalty, and make every Feedback count

Revolutionizing the way enterprises manage feedback! Our innovative solutions empower businesses to not only collect valuable insights but also take strategic actions to enhance visitor satisfaction. Explore the solutions that set LazyMonkey apart

Manage and Track Escalations

Effortlessly handle and monitor escalations in real-time. Our system ensures that no concern goes unnoticed, allowing you to address issues promptly and maintain visitor loyalty.

Survey Management

Conduct comprehensive surveys to gather meaningful feedback. Tailor surveys to your specific needs and gain actionable insights to elevate your products, services, and overall visitor experience.

Departmental based QRs

Evaluate feedback for each department individually. Identify areas of improvement and streamline operations to ensure a seamless visitor journey across all touchpoints.

Real-time Feedback Insights

Access and track feedback insights in real-time. Our system enables you to stay ahead of visitor sentiments, respond promptly, and continuously refine your business strategies for optimal performance.

Tagging Mapping and Tracking

Effortlessly map and track feedback through our intuitive various tagging system. Organize and categorize feedback to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement with ease.

Instant SMS Alerts: Elevate Feedback Responsiveness!

In a world where every second counts, LazyMonkey ensures that you stay on top of feedback with instantaneous SMS alerts for every QR scan. Swiftly address concerns, engage visitors in real-time, and proactively enhance your service.


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