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Elevate Every Visit with Our Feedback Revolution! Are you ready to transform your mall experience? Join us in shaping the future of your mall by using our feedback solution. Gather, analyze, act and be a part of the journey toward an even more enjoyable and tailored experience!

mall feedback management system
Mall Visitors Feedback Management
Streamlined Feedback and Survey Management

Our Solution

Our comprehensive feedback system not only caters to the needs of mall visitors but also extends its functionality to empower tenants through targeted feedback surveys. Mall visitors can effortlessly share their shopping experiences by scanning QR codes strategically placed throughout the mall. Visitors can rate aspects such as cleanliness, staff friendliness, and overall satisfaction, providing valuable insights for continual enhancement.

As a SaaS company, we take care of the entire technological backend, ensuring that malls seamlessly collect both visitor feedback and feedback from tenants. Our intuitive dashboard facilitates real-time analysis for mall managers, allowing them to pinpoint specific areas of improvement based on both visitor and tenant responses, ultimately maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction across the entire mall ecosystem.

QR-Based Feedback System

Empower your visitors with a revolutionary QR-based feedback system. A simple scan unlocks a direct line of communication between visitors and mall management, ensuring real-time insights and an enhanced shopping experience.

Tenant Survey Management

Elevate your mall's business community with our Tenant Survey Management System. Craft custom questionnaires, gain targeted insights into tenant satisfaction, and foster a collaborative environment for businesses to thrive.

Transforming Feedback into Action

Key Features Redefining Feedback and Tenant Survey Management for Optimal Analysis

Seamless Integration

Our SaaS solution seamlessly integrates into mall's operations. Effortlessly embed QR codes throughout the mall, inviting visitors to share their thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with just a scan

Real-Time Feedback

Embrace immediacy with real-time feedback. As visitors provide input, our system processes and delivers insights instantly, allowing malls to address concerns promptly and celebrate positive experiences in the moment.

Tenant Feedback Surveys

Specifically designed surveys for tenants, addressing their experiences, concerns, and suggestions. These surveys offer insights into tenant satisfaction, collaboration opportunities, and any challenges they may face.

Create and share

Empower mall management with the ability to create tailor-made questionnaires for in-depth tenant surveys and share them via easily tapable links. Our system allows you to craft surveys that address specific aspects of tenant experiences, collaboration opportunities, and overall satisfaction.

Easy Setup and Placement

Setting up our feedback system is a breeze with our easy-to-scan QR code placards strategically placed throughout your mall, targeting high-traffic areas. Visitors can effortlessly share insights without the need for an app, enhancing their overall mall experience.

Powerful Dashboard

A user-friendly dashboard that centralizes all feedback data. Mall management can easily navigate through the dashboard to view survey results, track satisfaction trends, and access analytics for informed decision-making.

Key Benefits

Dynamic Insights: The Dual Impact of Instant Feedback and Tenant Surveys in Mall Excellence

Increased Visitor Engagement

Actively seek feedback, show visitors their opinions matter, and build a positive relationship that goes beyond transactions. Strengthening this connection results in increased loyalty and recurring visits

Competitive Edge

In an era where visitor satisfaction is paramount, staying ahead is crucial. Malls leveraging our feedback solution gain a competitive edge by continuously refining their offerings to meet and exceed visitor expectations.

Swift Issue Resolution

Instant feedback allows malls to address concerns and issues promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and mitigating potential problems before they escalate.

Real-Time Insights

Immediate access to feedback provides real-time insights, enabling mall management to stay abreast of current trends, visitor sentiments, and areas that require attention.

Continuous Improvement

Rapid feedback cycles support a culture of continuous improvement, allowing malls to evolve and adapt to changing visitor expectations swiftly.

Enhanced Visitor Experience

Quick response to feedback contributes to an overall positive visitor experience, creating a dynamic and customer-focused atmosphere in the mall.

Tenant Satisfaction and Retention

Tailored surveys for tenants provide insights into their satisfaction levels, fostering a supportive environment and contributing to tenant retention.

Proactive Issue Identification

Surveys assist in the early identification of tenant issues and concerns, allowing management to proactively address challenges before they impact tenant satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency

Understanding tenant experiences and concerns helps streamline operational processes, ensuring efficient management of shared spaces and resources.

Collaborative Opportunities

Tenant feedback surveys identify collaboration opportunities within the mall, allowing for the creation of a more interconnected and collaborative business community.


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