How Technology has made our lives easy…

Technology has changed the way people live, travel and even eat…

Awesome Features

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easy testing


clear layout

CLEAN Layout

Private Servers

Private Servers



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How it Works?

Let us help you explore the new world by leveraging technology.

How it works
how it works step 1

Customized Branding

Y follow the Crowd... Get this page personalized based to your restaurant theme..

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Rate Me

Review right away… with RateMe

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Place Order

Get a customized Menu… Specially designed for you.…

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Call Waiter

What if you could save all those efforts and ring bell to call a waiter...


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What's New Coming

This isn’t the end… More features are on their way

Why Only One Friend has to pay all the Bill and settle with others Later, Why not Split the bill right away and pay as you like… Cash, PayTM, Credit Card etc.

Got some friends who doesn’t like onion, or they like more spicy food than you or have a different taste than you, No problem…. Choose your taste with Tastebud.

Lot of food gets waste at end of the Day, Why not keep track of your ingredient purchase and sale, and use our data analytics tool and calculate how much exactly you need.