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LazyMonkey works


QR Code Generation

Each location or service point is assigned a unique QR code.


Configurations with Tagging System

Location, feedback and service tags are configured for ease of correct data analysis


Scanning the QR Code

Visitors use their smartphones to scan the QR code associated with a specific location &, service


Instant Access to Feedback Form

Upon scanning, users are instantly redirected to a feedback form customized for the selected location or service. Users are prompted to select tags or categories related to their feedback.


Providing Feedback

Users share their experiences, opinions, or suggestions through the user-friendly form.


Actionable Insights: Behind the Scenes

Wondering what happens next? Our team dives into the feedback ocean you've contributed to, analyzing trends and learning from your experiences. Feedback is acknowledged, and areas for improvement are identified through constructive criticism.

Real-Time Reporting

Our system provides a dynamic overview of the feedback landscape. You can experience real-time reporting and tracking of visitor sentiments.


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